#005 – Craig & Paul Talk About Why They Do This Podcast

Our Two Guys, Craig Scharton and Paul Swearengin talk about their reasons for the podcast. What is it about Fresno and its future that drives these guys to discuss the issues?  What are the issues Fresno needs to face. We begin a conversation that will continue on The Two Guys Podcast.  Thanks for joining in.  please comment below. Thanks to our Title Supporter Terry’s House and our Episode Supporter Gazebo Gardens. This show was recorded on December 3, 2018.


3 thoughts on “#005 – Craig & Paul Talk About Why They Do This Podcast

  1. This comment may be a repetition of many others – I HOPE so! – and you may roll your eyes at this, Paul, but… I LOVE OLD HOMES, OLD BUILDINGS, HISTORY, CULTURE OF DECADES PAST, and Fresno still has – in spite of many, not all thankfully, of the contractors remodeling old homes – many old places that deserve rejuvenation and revitalization. Old homes that still go diagonally downtown, old buildings that remind me of the thirties and forties, an era that still glows in my mind. And we can never get those back! When they’re gone, they are gone. They deserve to be saved and restored! Whole neighborhoods of old homes that are just getting more and more dilapidated… Is there something that can be done to save neighborhoods – entire blocks of places, including businesses and homes, restoring life to these areas of town? I’m not talking about getting rid of people because that’s counter to the heart of the Lord, I believe. But changing people’s minds and hearts about where they live, what they put up with in terms of crime… WHAT CAN BE DONE? WHAT CAN I DO?

  2. When people look at some of the BIG – and I mean BIG – “improvements” over past decades in the history of the U.S., one cannot ignore the monumental achievements accomplished in the city of New York under the combined and intertwined hands of Robert Moses and Joseph Guardia. I really hesitate to bring up these two – especially Moses because he became a real pariah in the last half of his tenure, but I’m talking about the idea of how they did all those things (the theory, not the execution of them – Moses’ main method being a bulldozer over everything in his path…). The idea of a centralized vision, a vision that included all parts of the city and interconnecting them was key to what everyone saw unfold as years went by at the beginning – what with the bridges built, the beautiful parkways, the almost musical ways roads were laid out for the enhancement of the surroundings and the enjoyment of the populace. Again, I’m talking about the end of the matter, not how they got there. I don’t excuse their model or even suggest we should follow them step by step, but the idea of a centralized, unified vision for the whole of the city, I think, is essential to create a lyrical city. I think I would categorize Visalia as “lyrical”. Sacramento, mainly, is lyrical. North Fresno around Woodward park is lyrical…. The thing that I believed back in my early days in Fresno was, you could get FROM somewhere TO anywhere in the city making only two turns. And that was not much of an exaggeration. Talk about boring with a capital B! The city planning of roads and building developments need to be done by somebody other than an accountant – a person looking to get from a place to another place as efficiently as possible. Bring back some of the wonder of driving somewhere, make it more of an adventure driving across town (w/o the danger!). Build roads so people aren’t put to sleep when they’re driving home after a long day of work. (I really hope you don’t think I’m a lover of Robert Moses, because he did some awful, atrocious things. It’s just that – when he started out, the things he did were almost magical in their beauty and scope! THAT same kind of thing, I think, can be done differently and done THE RIGHT WAY.)

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