#002 – Craig & Paul Talk About Civility in Politics

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On the heels of an election where ads included all kinds of accusations and a commercial of one male representative in high heels, Paul and Craig talk about the possibility of walking out politics with civility so we can get to solutions. The battle over Measure P, in which former adversaries of Measure G came together, is an example of a divisive issue where community leaders perhaps made choices against the good of the community, rather than looking for a solution. To read more about that, check out this article in Fresno Bee. In this era of Trumpian politics, can there be civil discussion around the issues of our day?

2 thoughts on “#002 – Craig & Paul Talk About Civility in Politics

  1. Social media mediums like fb has a role in division also. There’s an EXCELLENT frontline segment on FB and how they morph the minds of American citizens in politics.

  2. Jeffrey – in large part because Facebook has become the source of news for many people, rather than actual journalistic outlets. This has forced regular media to move more towards clickbate. All across our culture, elected officials, media, other institutions of our society, we have to demand better. I still blame the masses because we have the power to change things if we demand change – you think?

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